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Corporate recruiter tops list of jobs with best work-life balance

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Although recruitment doesn’t come without its challenges, one thing people working in the industry apparently do enjoy is a relatively good work-life balance. Corporate recruiter finished first on the list of top 29 job titles with the best work-life balance, with two other recruiting positions on the list as well.

Glassdoor published the top 29 job titles with the best work-life balance according to American reviewers. For a job title to be considered, it must have received at least 75 work-life balance ratings from U.S.-based employees from a minimum of 75 companies.

Glassdoor reviewers gave corporate recruiter a 4.1 out of 5 for work-life balance, making it number 1 on the top 29 list. Recruiting coordinator takes the number 6 spot, and recruiting manager comes in at number 23, with ratings of 4.0 and 3.8 respectively.

This year’s top 10 job titles with the best work-life balance are:
1. Corporate recruiter
2. UX designer
3. Data scientist
4. Strategy manager
5. UI designer
6. Recruiting coordinator
7. Technical account manager
8. Mobile developer
9. Devops engineer
10. Research engineer

The full list can be found here.

Some people expressed their disagreement with the list in the comment section on the Glassdoor website, feeling that some of the featured jobs did not offer great work-life balance at all. One commenter wrote: “The recruiting managers work under difficult and often ridiculous time lines”.

Since the list is based purely on American reviews, the question is whether the same job titles would feature in Hong Kong and its neighbouring countries. Potentially, Hong Kongers would be less generous with their work-life balance ratings, as a report earlier this year revealed that 67% of professionals in the city want better work-life balance.

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