Companies registered with the Malaysia Digital Economy Corp. (MDEC) and the Expatriate Services Division (ESD) can now begin to submit their 2020 foreign knowledge worker projections, according to a new update by the BAL Global Practice Group.

Foreign knowledge worker projections must be approved before applying for employment passes and professional visit passes (both new and renewal).

The processing time under MDEC ranges from 14 to 20 business days while ESD will take seven to 10 business days to process the projections.

BAL noted that companies should plan to submit their foreign-worker projections as early as possible to avoid the year-end holiday slowdown.

"Although there is no official deadline for filing, companies should aim to obtain approval by 31 December 2019 to avoid any issues in submitting renewal applications, especially renewals for permits that expire in January, February or March," it said in a news release.

Photo / 123RF