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Yesterday's (11 April) HR Drinks saw about 70 senior HR practitioners gathering in an informal setting to network and socialise, share ideas, stories, lessons, and help each other out.

Held at The Rookery in the CBD, Human Resources had the privilege to attend the event which has a strict rule of "active HR practitioners only".

Co-hosted and co-founded by Laurence Smith and Ommar Butt, who have over 40 years of HR experience combined, the idea behind HR Drinks was to build camaraderie within the HR community.

The hosts shared: "We want to create a safe environment for HR professionals to have decent conversations."

Here are some ideas Human Resources picked up while at the event:

  • HR digitalisation needs to start with the business case.
  • How HR can speak the language of the business while staying in touch with people.
  • The challenges of developing leaders in Asia
  • There is a need to bridge the cultural nuances present within the HR industry across regions.
  • A conscious inclusion of local nuances is needed when developing AI to predict personalities.

Currently held once a month in Singapore, co-hosts Smith and Butt have revealed plans to expand HR Drinks to various other cities in Asia including Kuala Lumpur, Jakarta, Hong Kong, Bangkok, and Seoul.

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