Malaysia's Employees Provident Fund (EPF) yesterday issued a statement warning members of a phishing attempt using a fake EPF website.

According to the statement, the fake website is being shared along with a viral message claiming that members who worked between 1990 and 2018 are entitled to a RM6,000 incentive from the EPF.

"The EPF categorically states that the viral message and contents are FALSE and does not come from the EPF," the statement read.

The message contains a link which directs victims to the fake EPF website with a survey to check for their entitlement to the 'incentive'.

The EPF believes that this is an attempt to phish for members' personal data for fraudulent purposes. Members are urged not to respond to such surveys nor provide their personal data to any unverified third party, and also not to spread the chain message any further.

See screenshot provided by EPF.

EPF notes that all information about EPF products and services is available on the official EPF website Should members come across doubtful messages on social media, please call the EPF Contact Management Centre (CMC) at 03-89226000 or email your concerns via

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