Do you experiment like R&D, communicate like PR, engage like sales, and measure like finance? You must be looking after talent management.

A solid talent management strategy relies on HR leaders to collaborate and increase awareness with all other parts of the business to be truly strategic. Indeed, there is absolutely no denying that people are still at the heart of what drives businesses.

As the HR function takes on a more business-critical role, HR practitioners realise the belief that a talent management strategy that only consists of the holy trinity of attract, motivate and retain is over.

That means they need to build a holistic talent management strategy that connects all of their efforts to the business strategy. What they need in today’s age is a holistic system that connects all the data points and helps decision-making intuitively.

The Best Talent Management Software category winners and finalists at the HR Vendors of the Year 2018 awards in Singapore and Malaysia are those specialists which have developed the most seamless end-to-end talent management software.

Singapore – Best Talent Management Software

Winners: Gold – SAP SuccessFactors Silver – Lumesse Bronze – Frontier e-HR

Finalists: PageUp

Malaysia – Best Talent Management Software 

Winners: Gold – SAP SuccessFactors Silver – FlexHR Bronze – Ramco Systems

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