Digital transformation and leadership training expert AVADO has set up shop in Singapore, joining its colleagues in London and New York, and satellite offices across Asia.

The solutions provider, which brings together its learning platforms and international partnerships under one brand with AVADO, boasts of more than 80% completion rates in the online learning space.

Lee Harle, MD of AVADO Asia Pacific, commented: "This level of results makes it easy for HR directors and learning and development professionals to make the case for investment in online learning."

AVADO has delivered training programmes to over 200,000 individuals and 2,000 businesses globally, including Mediacorp, WPP, Nestle, HSBC, and Sony in Asia Pacific.

Phil Hullah, co-founder and CEO of AVADO, said: "We have always been passionate about learning that works, and our firm belief is that technology in the right hands can yield great results."

AVADO offers a global network of subject matter experts for enterprise customers to tap into, enabling them to get started with digital skills transformation - from interventions and tailored programmes, to pre-built content and components.

Shuvo Saha, director of Google Digital Academy, which has an international partnership with AVADO, added: "We gave AVADO the challenge to re-imagine our Squared programme in marketing and digital leadership, and create an online version of a face-to-face experience.

"The learning methodology for Squared Online is simply outstanding. It has allowed thousands of people to follow the course while keeping it immersive, experiential, social and practical."

Human Resources spoke to AVADO's Asia Pacific commercial director, Sandy Tsang, to find out more about the company's ambitions here.

Q. AVADO's got 250 staff members across offices in Singapore, London and New York. What's the staff strength here in Singapore?

We started off with two here in Singapore last October when we set up, and we’re now up to 18 full-time staff by the time we move into our new space on July 1! We also have small satellite teams in the region in Hong Kong, Bangkok, and Mumbai.

Q. Are you expecting to hire more in Singapore in the coming year?

Definitely, we have a few roles we’re still actively recruiting for. That’s why a senior HR manager has also joined the team recently to help us with our staffing and talent management needs. By the end of the year I think we will have about 25 people on the team.

Q. What are the typical roles expected to be up for grabs?

The roles we’re recruiting for all have a few things in common – entrepreneurial spirit, a passion for digital and most of all a commitment to empowering people through learning. The open roles range from product design to sales to marketing to student support.

Q. What are the reasons behind selecting Singapore as your Asia HQ?

We see it as a great base in this region to lead the digital transformation and talent cause.  The government is really supportive of this, and many multinational companies who are our global clients have their regional HQ here. We’re also within closer reach to Australia and New Zealand which is an area we’re expanding into in Q3.

Most importantly, we find that Singaporeans and those living in Singapore are very open-minded about up-skilling and training in the area of digital so we’ve had some productive conversations.

Q. In your experience so far, what's the job market looking like?

Having had to hire for digitally savvy talent in Singapore and Hong Kong, we do see the pain point that many companies – local, regional or multinational – all experience. Strategic digital marketers and business leaders are few and far in between. The passion and desire to learn is there, so now it’s all about addressing that need and focusing on up-skilling the workforce. Many of our team members are doing our courses, actually, as a result.

Image: 123RF