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Artificial intelligence for world peace

Artificial intelligence for world peace? Why not, ask Asian Millennials

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In a regional survey on Millennials’ attitudes towards technology and its social impact, Telenor Group found 32% of the demographic are placing their bets on artificial intelligence (AI) as a tool for world peace.

Engaging 2,500 respondents in seven Asian markets, including Malaysia, Thailand, and India, the survey found 30% of the 15-30 year-olds look to the Internet of Things, and a close 28% cite virtual reality as having potential to give rise to peace.

Asia’s Millennials feel strongly about the role of technology in the pursuit of social causes, with close to half (48%) believing it can enable equal opportunities and access to education most of all. Selected by the second most number of respondents was confronting climate change and global warming (28%), in the survey organised to support Telenor Youth Forum 2017 recruitment.

Another consistent trend across all markets is the youth’s perspectives of their generation. Regionally, 37% described themselves as ‘the most innovative and entrepreneurial generation in history’, reflecting a similar proportion in Bangladesh (37%), Malaysia (38%) and Pakistan (38%).

Designed as a year-long programme in partnership with the Nobel Peace Centre, the Telenor Youth Forum puts youngsters in teams and paired with mentors from organisations such as UNICEF, Interbridge, the Red Cross, Techfugees and Telenor Research.

“Millennials are by far the largest, most diverse generation in today’s digital age. They are the generation most driven by social causes and have great potential to drive peace through innovation and digitalisation,” noted Ola Jo Tandre, head of social responsibility, Telenor Group.

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