March 2020 sees the expansion of 9GAG, a Hong Kong-based online platform that allows the sharing of user generated content, into two key markets - Malaysia and Singapore.

"Besides the obvious reasons why most reputable companies have their regional HQ in Singapore and Malaysia, 9GAG has excellent penetration rate in Singapore and Malaysia, especially among the Millennial population. This is why we choose to launch in Singapore and Malaysia," Peter Zhuo, 9GAG Head of Singapore/Malaysia, told Marketing Interactive.

Zhuo leads both the new markets, and is supported by two Account Directors, Wendy Toh and Wilfred Allais. "More than experience and network, Wendy and Wilfred are passionate about helping clients to achieve bigger impact for their marketing dollars with 9GAG."

They are also looking to expand the team in the next few months. Although specific numbers aren't provided, but growth is most like in the marketing role, as confirmed by Zhuo to Marketing Interactive.

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9GAG was co-founded in 2008 in Hong Kong by Ray Chan, Marco Fung, Derek Chan, Brian Yu, and Chris Chan.

On Instagram, it has over 746,000 unique users in Singapore and more than 2.7mn million unique users in Malaysia. Across 9GAG, more than 90% of its audience are below the age of 34, Zhuo said, adding that more than 70% of its audience are below the age of 24. While SGAG and MGAG have emerged as local spin-offs of 9GAG, in fact 9GAG has no affiliation with them.

To facilitate its launch in these markets, 9GAG has partnered with art studio HappWhy Brands. While the team hasn't shared the amount of investment in these two markets, Zhuo has revealed that they will "be setting aside budget towards marketing and branding initiatives".

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Photo / Peter Zhuo, 9GAG Head of Singapore & Malaysia (in centre), flanked by Account Directors, Wendy Toh (left) and Wilfred Allais (right)