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98% of women in Asia would actively pursue a flexible job role

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Nearly two-thirds of women in Asia say they have faced major challenges in their careers, which has affected their ability to accelerate up the ladder.

This was revealed in a new research by released today which surveyed working and non-working women in Asia. Six in 10 women attribute the issue to a lack of flexible work options while four in 10 attribute it to an inability to find suitable work after a career break or maternity leave.

A total of 468 working and non-working women across Asia took part in the survey between 1 August and 31 October 2018.

The key survey findings are as follows:

  • 98% of women would actively pursue a flexible role, should such an option be available (hours/location)
  • Three-quarters of women felt that flexible work options would most help them move forward, with the same number also believing an understanding of work-life balance was the main issue
  • Six in 10 women have experienced major challenges along their career path, with only 3% having faced no issues at all
  • 29% of women cite a lack of training and support from employers as their main career worry, whilst over a quarter of respondents felt society’s expectations were holding them back
  • The majority of respondents were less than happy with their current career status, with 75% scoring themselves below average.

In line with the survey findings, jobs portal announced its expansion into Asia to grow its network of over 60,000 women. The portal sources flexible and non-flexible jobs for professional women through its free-to-use Job Board, working with forward-thinking businesses offering training, events and initiatives.

This expansion comes as part of Hopscotch’s plans to expand globally as a digital platform to change the game for professional women across the world.

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