The first day of Human Resources’ Talent Management 2014 saw senior leaders and HR practitioners from around the region sharing valuable insights and experiences.

Here are six tidbits of advice we picked up from some of our speakers and presenters:

“If all you have is a hammer, everything will start to look like a nail. Look for other tools; there are many resources available for you out there.” Cliff Taylor, vice president of HR APAC at Mead Johnson Nutrition "For HR to work, and work well, it cannot be all about policies." Edmund Kwok, CEO of National Kidney Foundation

"The job of leaders is to grow other leaders." Lennard Boogaard, vice president of HR SEAA at Unilever

“People are not your biggest asset, they are your biggest investment.” Mira Gajraj Mohan, regional practice director of talent management and organisational alignment APAC at Towers Watson

“There is a need for us to become more systematic, more research driven, more design-focussed rather than just have individual programmes lumped together to be known as talent management.” Syed Ali Abbas, chief human resources officer for Pacnet

"Talent management plays a key role in terms of development. There's no point in getting the best people in the world, but not getting their full value proposition which ensures their long term development and career growth." Shahrukh Marfatia, vice president for HR global commercial downstream at Shell Eastern Petroleum