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5 most selfish behaviours in the workplace

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On top of having an excellent manager and a good company culture, a harmonious relationship with colleagues is also one of the key factors that attracts and retains talents.

However, there is always a bad sheep in every team. Their selfish behaviours in the office not only pollute the work atmosphere, but also affect productivity which might eventually hurt the company.

TVmost, an online video platform under Hong Kong-based satirical weekly magazine 100Most, recently posted a video to identify five most selfish behaviours found in the workplace.

1. Not paying money back to colleagues after eating out

It’s normal that we might sometimes forget to bring cash or our wallet for lunch. But if such situation happens too often and you never pay the money back, you might have to eat alone in the future.

2. Not changing the toilet paper roll when it runs out

It ain’t anybody’s responsibility. It’s just a piece of cake. It’s about public morality which reflects who you are and how you treat others.

3. Not cleaning up the pantry after lunch

Cleaning up leftover is basic office etiquette. Everyone is responsible to keep the office clean.

4. Not returning the stationery after use

Office stationery is public property. Put it back to where it belongs after use!

5. Not wearing a face mask to work when sick

It aims to prevent the spread of infectious disease. Or maybe you should rest at home.

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