The Compass Index survey by Compass Offices has revealed that 33% of Singaporeans work more than 10 hours daily, with 6% working over 11 hours and the majority (93%) working beyond eight hours daily. Despite these numbers, less Singaporeans are working longer than 11 hours per day as compared with Hong Kongers (8%).

Longer hours for  Hong Kongers


When it comes to Singaporeans taking work  home; 27% have never done so, with 25% doing it once a week and 19% having to do it on the daily. These are numbers are in a contrast as compared to Hong Kongers, with 27% actually bringing work home daily.

More Hong Kongers take work home


Also in Singapore, close to two in five (37.9%) respondents were worried about how the world economy would affect businesses while a close second at 36.5% showed concerns about price pressure. Low demand for their companies’ services was also a potential problem, with more than 20% of Singaporean respondents citing this.

“Hong Kong and Singapore, as two of the region’s most business-friendly financial hubs, are very important components to Asia’s economy. And that goes without saying that China as a global superpower is also influential. So naturally, business concerns in these markets may be important indicators for the rest of the region,” said Andrew Chung, CEO of Compass Offices.

Compass Index Survey


The survey also stated that Singapore’s employees have noticeably different priorities in their jobs as compared to the rest of the Asia Pacific region: pay and promotion. Two in five (40%) Singaporean employees surveyed said that the remuneration package was one of the most important things about the job.

They are relatively pessimistic on salary raises, with less than 30% expecting a raise in salary in the coming year. Also standing out from the other countries surveyed, 40% of respondents said that career development is the most important.

As for workplace perks, Singapore rated their workplace’s accessibility to transportation hubs as the most important workplace perk (60%). Second to that, Singaporeans also value easy access to lunch and food, rated important by almost 50% of the respondents. On the flipside, Singaporeans felt that communal areas and hot desking were one of the less important perks (14%).

Similarly in Hong Kong, the most important perks for employees were also being near transportation hubs, cited by nearly 60% of employees. The next most important perk at almost 40%, was accessibility to lunch and food options.

Looking into the technology habits of Singaporeans at the workplace, most use social media and news websites — split by close to 50% respectively — to access news, while Facebook was the most visited social media site at work.

However, more than 50% of employees accessed WhatsApp the most at work, showing that in Singapore, chat apps are especially prominent within the workplace.

Singaporean respondents were also quite active in traveling abroad at least once a year, with about 33% of respondents taking work trips outside of Singapore.

The Compass Index survey gathered responses from 1,200 employees across seven places in Asia (Australia, Hong Kong, China, Japan, Singapore, Philippines and Vietnam).

Infographics / Compass Offices | Lead photo / 123RF