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3 ways technology is leveraging HR function

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From recruitment to onboarding and performance management, HR teams are increasingly relying on technology to optimise workflows and improve employee productivity.

Vidhya Sam, HR head of Adrenalin eSystems, explains how technology is empowering human resources practitioners to reimagine their human capital:

1. Artificial Intelligence (AI) 

HR is rapidly acquainting itself with AI. AI is optimising HR functions such as recruiting, employee onboarding, training, payroll, performance analysis and retention.

Conversational AI such as chatbots can personalise the employee experience by automating onboarding, employee self-assessment and training. It can also make it easy for employees to access basic information such as company policies, vacations and the annual holiday list.

2. HR Analytics

With analytics solutions, HR professionals can now leverage data to:

  • Establish metrics or benchmarks in key areas such as employee churn and retention, employee performance, recruitment, employee development and engagement, workforce planning and incentive programmes.
  • Identify underlying patterns using AI. These patterns can be used with various events to identify underlying causes such as recognising the probable reasons for the high attrition rate and improve the existing compensation programmes to measure the effect.
  • Predict future scenarios based on current employee behaviour (e.g. employee churn). Predictive analytics can further be used to strengthen recruitment and retention programmes.

    3. Gamification

One of the primary reasons employees quit organisations is the lack of learning and growth opportunities. Apart from in-house training, conferences and seminars organisations have introduced massive open online courses (MOOCs) that enable employees to learn at their own pace and comfort. While MOOCs are an effective way to stay updated, they are notorious for the lack of interaction and a high drop-out rate. These problems with MOOCs can be solved by deploying technology such as gamification, AR and VR.

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