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What does it take to make your job content stand out from the crowd? For one, it means continuously improving and testing what you write.

Step into the shoes of your top potential talent for a moment - you’re on your mobile searching for a job online, and 35 postings pop up in your search results. Which one would you be drawn to click on?

Chances are, the posting you decide to click on is one that has a captivating description and simply a job title that matches what you’re looking for. Either that, or you’d go for the posting that appears right on top of the page because it captures your attention first.

Now look at it from your point-of-view as a recruiter - wouldn’t you want it to be your job post they click on? Here’s how you can ensure that you continue to attract top candidates to your job posting.

Your smart guide to attracting great candidates

Tip #1: Continuously seek to improve your job content

As is commonly known, only the most effective job titles and descriptions are able to capture the attention of quality candidates. This is content that has been well-thought-out, with carefully-chosen descriptions that target the right audience.

What’s key to note, however, is that the work doesn’t end once the content is posted - instead, recruiters have to constantly review this content and seek ways to make it better and more effective each time.

How can this be done? For a start, try and test the performance of different job titles to analyse what attracts the most candidates.

For example, compare titles such as “Marketing Event Coordinator” and “Marketing Coordinator II” and check on the number of organic clicks and sponsored clicks (whereby the latter is typically an in-house way of referring to a job). In research done by Indeed on both titles, the former was found to receive more clicks, even for sponsored listings:



Tip #2: Provide a seamless mobile experience

Our mobile phones have become one of the most reliable tools we can leverage in our everyday lives today - whether we’re navigating someplace, or simply want to read on our commute, we’ve got everything packed into one handy device.

Even job applications can be submitted on-the-go and, with 55% of candidates surveyed saying that convenience is indeed the core driver of mobile job search, candidates today expect a seamless application process.

One way this can be achieved is for organisations to remove any unnecessary steps from the hiring process. In fact, it was found that the longer the application process (for instance, 40 questions), the bigger the drop in applications (i.e. 70.8% reduction).



The bottom line? Keep it short and succinct.

Ensure your mobile career site has key features that epitomise the convenience that candidates and recruiters are asking for. For example, your site should need no integration or IT resources. It should include multiple resume upload option; mirror and optimise the desktop application process; include robust analytics, and more.

For more on this tip, refer to Indeed’s mobile recruiting page.

Tip #3: Make a small investment that goes a long way

When posting on a job search site such as Indeed, recruiters are always given the choice of doing either a sponsored or non-sponsored job post. More commonly, recruiters tend to choose the latter, not realising how the sponsored option could give you desired results, but even better.

More specifically, a sponsored post appears right at the top of the search results, thus increasing the likelihood of being noticed by top candidates.

Apart from this option, Indeed also has a Featured Employer option, which not just places the job posting right on top, but also offers organisations a unique opportunity to promote their employer brand and thus increase applications.

For more tips on how you can attract great candidates, refer to Indeed’s ‘5 tips for attracting great candidates to your jobs’ e-book.

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