Looking for candidates specialising in computer and IT, building and construction, and engineering? Be prepared to pay a premium for their specilisations, even for entry-level roles.

According to JobStreet.com, computer and IT, building and construction, and engineering, are the top three highest-paying specialisations for full-time entry-level jobs in Singapore.

Based on the average salaries curated from full-time entry-level job advertisements posted on JobStreet.com Singapore, an entry-level IT role pays S$2,775 a month, building and construction roles get S$2,738 a month, and engineering roles get S$2,598 a month.



JobStreet.com also revealed in 2017, the entry-level specialisations with the highest salary increase as compared to 2016 are science (+11%), engineering (+9%) and hospitality and F&B (+8%).

On the other hand, entry-level salaries for the healthcare and accounting and finance specialisations saw a drastic decrease of -20% and -10%, respectively.

In terms of high demand jobs, the top 3 entry-level specialisations with highest growth in job postings were accounting and finance (+36%), science (+10%) and manufacturing (+9%).

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