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Your Valentine’s Day playlist for the office

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It’s the day when the largest number of roses are sold anywhere in the world – Happy Valentine’s Day! If you, like our office, tend to have some music playing in the background, then we’ve put together a Valentine’s Day playlist for your workplace. Think: collaboration, diversity, motivation, and a whole lot of love and support for your colleagues.

When the office lo hei was scheduled for 14th Feb and now everyone has bits of food on them after the celebration toss

When you’ve just rolled out the 2019 business strategy and your team is raring to hit the target

When you have amazing colleagues and you learn something positive from each one

When the haters gonna hate but you’re ready to take on your new project anyway

When your closest gal pal needs reassurance about being true to herself

When it’s 6pm and you’re ready to head out for your Valentine’s Day date

When the work day is winding down but you need some mellow tunes while you OT till 9pm

When… actually, you don’t need a reason to sing-along to this Elvis Presley classic

Thanks to all our colleagues who helped in the making of this playlist. Enjoy the playlist and send us your recommendations to add to it!

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