Organised by Human Resources, Workforce Mobility Interactive 2019 will gather HR leaders and mobility experts from widely-recognised organisations to lead the latest conversation on employee mobility and the changing workforce.

Workforce Mobility 2019 is a one day conference which will take place in Singapore on 19 February, Kuala Lumpur on 21 February, and Hong Kong on 19 March. Attendance to this exclusive annual event is strictly by invitation only with invites reserved for senior in-house HR professionals.

Workforce Mobility Interactive 2019 combines the highlights of a traditional content-driven conference with the advantages of a roundtable discussion, but on a larger scale.

Attendees will be involved in engaging themed roundtable discussions alongside a small group of peers and can expect to leave with insights from leading practitioners and experts.

Human Resources’ interactive conference format is a unique blend of case study presentations, panel discussions, and roundtable discussions in which delegates focus on several topics throughout the day, including customisation of mobility programmes, global talent management, getting your return on relocation and more!

Numerous past delegates have appreciated the invaluable eight hours of focused peer learning - hear from the Singapore delegates and Malaysia delegates. Senior HR professionals and mobility specialists interested in participating in Workforce Mobility Interactive can request an invitation via the event website