Helping clients make great people decisions is Hatch Asia Consulting’s primary vision in the recruitment space. Although an industry newcomer, at the Asia Recruitment Awards 2020, Singapore awards ceremony, Hatch Asia Consulting has proven itself to be reputable and profitable while delivering exemplary value and quantifiable results.

This is validated through the company's multiple wins:

  • Recruitment Agency of the Year (Under 50 Employees) - Silver
  • Best Specialist Recruitment Agency - Silver
  • Recruiter of the Year - Amos Tay, Hatch Asia Consulting

As such, Hatch Asia Consulting's Managing Partner for SEA, Anirudh Arvind provides insights to Priya Veeriah about factors to consider besides digitalisation and advice on delivering excellence through open communication.

Q How do you align your organisation’s recruitment strategy with your clients’ HR priorities?

Hatch Asia employs a talent management approach to recruitment, where we invest time and energy comprehending what our client’s organisational strategies and priorities are, such as what skill sets are needed to achieve such goals, be it an expansion or driving digital transformation/building out a new portfolio of products/services. Based on that, we help to craft talent acquisition strategies that take these factors into consideration when identifying the right talent for our clients.

Q Delivery is key. What is your advice to ensure you have open communication with your clients?

A feedback loop is always required to truly drive successful integration; it’s a combination of data, science & art that truly works for us.

Investing in talent assessments that illustrate a candidate’s personality, competencies and leadership styles allows us to engage in deeper and more meaningful conversations with our clients on impact and value creation through new hires.

Q Share with us your winning recruitment strategy. What are some of the key business drivers behind the execution of your product/service?

This goes back to our fundamentals of truly understanding what a client is looking to achieve through a hire. Once we’ve understood the culture, dynamics and vision driving the organisation, we are then able to identify the right talent for our clients. As we invest in technology that helps us understand how talent assimilates into an organisation based on data obtained, it helps us drive more value for our clients on all our searches.

Q On to the most important part – results! How did you measure the ROI or milestones of this initiative, and what are you most proud of?

We engage in conversations post hire with management teams. It wouldn’t be enough just to say that clients are happy with our candidates, so we do regular check-ins and learn where candidates are post their entry into a firm. This could be a variance of learning and how their business plans are shaping up, how the hiring manager is creating value through this new partnership and more so what deliverables they have been able to achieve.

Q It would be too simplistic to believe that digitalisation is the only game changer when it comes to recruitment. What are some of the other key factors to take into consideration, going forward?

We believe the fundamentals are important. Talent acquisition is a game about understanding organisational goals and priorities and bringing them to life via people.

We believe in adopting technology heavily to adduce more talent decisions with relevant data, and ensure we know how to always balance the data, science and the art. We must never forget that we very much are still in the people business and our mission remains to help organisations make great people decisions!

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