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What recruiters should look for in a video resume

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While a digital PDF remains the most popular resume format, many tech-savvy younger workers, especially those who are working in the creative or media industry, are turning their attention to video format. Glassdoor recently shed light on the four factors recruiters should look for in a video resume:

1. Storytelling

A video resume should give applicants the opportunity to contextualise their work experience and tell a convincing narrative about themselves so that it resonates and sticks with recruiters in a unique way. The biggest mistake a candidate can make with a video resume is to simply read out their qualifications.

For example, they should explain how the job fits into their career and ambitions, as well as why they are excited about the opportunity. As the hiring manager, you should have a picture of who he or she are and why that specific candidate would be perfect for the job.

2. Tailor-made

Not every company will have the same level of formality, work culture, and expectations. The video resume should reflect these differences and address them specifically.

Similar to a cover letter, look for details that shows the candidate has carefully read the job posting, and if he or she has emphasised any specific skills and qualities. 

3. The KISS rule (Keep it simple, stupid)

The ideal video resume should be immediately engaging and no longer than 90 seconds.

This duration should give the candidates enough time to touch on their most relevant qualifications, without wasting your time with fluff and unnecessary flourishes.

4. Professional

Professional here means the background of the video. Candidates should make sure the background of the video is minimalist and clean looking, that there are no distracting noises muffling the audio, the video quality is decent, and that they are at least wearing business casual attire. The bedroom as a filming location is not recommended. 

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