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The worst ways HR teams have dropped the ball

It is never a good idea to bang heads with the HR team because they can really make your life miserable if they want to. Here are three scenarios shared on Heawork detailing how some HR departments make life miserable for colleagues.

In these cases, the HR team had zero intention to harm to anybody, yet still managed to burn down the house.

Scenario one: Called too soon to conduct reference checkIt is understandable the HR team needs to conduct a thorough reference check to ensure the quality of the candidate, but poor timing can lead to a disaster. 

Imagine the boss picking up a call from someone who says they are from the HR department of ABC Company, requesting to do a reference check on a staff member who has not yet handed in his or her resignation.  

Scenario two: Sending personal details to the wrong colleagueWhen sending email to colleagues, it is easy to mix up their names, and things can only get worse if it involves confidential information. The team at Heawork shared the story of a HR team member sending the salary details, job experience, and other personal details of a new joiner to an existing employee.

Not only did the existing employee feel bitter after find out a newcomer is making so much more than him, it also put the new joiner in an awkward position.

Scenario three: Forgot to inform candidate about job offerA human resources team was relieved the line manager had finally made a decision to hire a candidate. A week passed and the line manager was getting annoyed there was no feedback from the HR department on the new hire's starting date, and decided to ask for an update.

The HR colleague smacked himself on the head and yelled "Oh! I have forgotten to call the candidate!" But it was too late, the candidate said he had already taken another offer since he had not heard from the company.

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