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The top 10 irritating workplace habits

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Most people spend about one-third of their adult life at work. Colleagues are one of the factors that determine whether the workplace is a paradise or a hell.

U.K.-based e-cigarette company Vapourcore has recently conducted a survey, asking 1,000 British co-workers to rank the top 10 irritating habits bother them most in the workplace.

The 10 things which annoy workers the most about their colleagues:

1. Offensive body odour (43%)
Cleaning oneself and using deodorant appropriately are basic office etiquettes!

2. Ignoring emails (31%)
This will hinder workplace cooperation, which may eventually harm productivity and the company’s revenues.

3. Not washing up (30%)
Leaving the pantry without cleaning up is obviously annoying, but what’s worse is that many people (men, mostly) don’t wash after using the toilet.

4. Messy desks (26%)
A  common problem in an open office. Messy desks add to the visual pollution, increasing distraction and reducing productivity.

5. Interrupting when people speak (21%)
Studies have shown that women get interrupted much more frequently than men (and usually by men). Learn to listen will do you good.

6. Staying in the toilet too long (20%)
Some people just disappear into the restroom for as long as 30 minutes. Maybe they want to gain some personal time away from others. But please be considerate to those who need to answer the call of nature.

7. Talking loudly on the phone (18%)
Loud phone talkers were a big problem in cubicle-land. Needless to say, they’re even more annoying in open offices, where they add to the pervasive noise pollution.

8. Smelling of cigarettes (15%)
Another form of air pollution in the office. Secondhand smoking is hazardous to health!

9. Cooking smelly foods (12%)
Maybe people who microwave stinky food at work are angling to be allowed to work from home!

10. Wearing the same clothes (10%)
Everyone has his/her own fashion style. Steve Jobs and Mark Zuckerberg are both famous for wearing the same outfit to work everyday. This probably refers to wearing the same outfit without having it cleaned. After all, it’s all about hygiene.

Interestingly, different genders have a bit different perspectives towards different behaviours. Female colleagues see red more easily if their emails being ignored or getting interrupted when they speak. Meanwhile, “not washing up” and “messy desks” stick in most of the male colleagues’ craws.

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