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The perks, incentives and benefits employees want

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Flexible work schedules, a compressed workweek and the ability to telecommute are the three most sought-after non-monetary perquisites for employees. And while many companies offer flexible work schedules, fewer than one in five offer shorter workweeks or remote work options.

The results are drawn from Robert Half’s new survey, and includes responses from more than 1,500 workers and more than 600 HR managers in North America.

The top six perks that employees want:

  1. Flexible work schedules – 88%
  2. Compressed workweek – 66%
  3. Telecommuting – 55%
  4. On-site amenities (for example, gym, childcare) – 38%
  5. Paid time-off for volunteer activities – 31%
  6. Employee social events – 21%

The top incentives that employees want versus what employers offer:


Benefits can also play a significant role in attracting and retaining talent, and most companies are offering the two most wanted employee benefits: health insurance (88%) and paid time off, including vacation, sick days and paid holidays (80%).

The top benefits that employees want versus what employers offer:


Paul McDonald, senior executive director for Robert Half, commented: “In today’s competitive hiring environment, job candidates are looking at more than just salary and bonus — they seek the complete package and place added emphasis on quality of life.”

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