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The most unpopular colleagues in the office

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Though you might spend more time with the people at work than with your family, it doesn’t mean that you necessarily have a good relationship with everyone in the office. In fact, some colleagues can be toxins in the workplace who will not only destroy office harmony but also affect employee morale and productivity. In the worst case, they might be the reasons that push the best employees away.

As building a cohesive team is one of the imperative tasks for HR professionals, use this list by CTgoodjobs to spot the office black sheep to avoid losing the best talent.

1. Braggers

They like to brag about everything. They take credit for all achievements (big or small) in order to get people's attention.

2. Apple-polishers

It is hard to judge their working abilities, but they are absolutely good at flattering and building a good relationship with the boss. Be careful when you work with these types of individuals as they often blame someone else instead of taking responsibility for their own actions. Beware of getting into a he said/she said argument as they tend to have a good relationship with the boss you never know who management would believe.

3. Making weird sounds frequently

These employees have a bad habit that they might not be aware of– making strange sounds frequently like; turning a pen, snorting and sniffing, clearing one's throat, talking on the phone loudly or noisy eating. Be mindful of whether you have inadvertently made such a repetitive annoying sound.

4. Forceful friends

Colleagues that are overly friendly and want to take their offices relationships from professional to social. However, one cannot force a friendship that the other person may not be interested in.

5. Emotional

These workmates overtly express their emotions, whether happiness or sorrow. Workplace conflicts are sometimes inevitable but these individuals cannot control their tempers when disputes really do happen. Be wary of sudden outbursts at work or making a fuss about nothing. Such behaviour will have a harmful impact on team spirit and cooperation. Colleagues will easily become exasperated at babysitting and nurturing emotions than accomplishing their work.

6. Gossiping

These types of people smile in front of you but talk behind your back. They like to share colleagues' gossips with others, whether it is a business or a private matter. Therefore, be careful of what you say in the workplace, it might eventually become an open secret to the whole company.

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