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The most meaningless statements made by colleagues

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A good manager knows how to motivate employees with encouraging words, but its easier said than done.  Very often inspiring speeches that managers think will be encouraging and enlightening, might not strike the same chords in the ears of employees.

In a Facebook post in a group for people to discuss various gripes, a user listed out several statements which they considered as the most meaningless and useless words heard at work by employees. Have you as a manager ever made any of these statements? If you have, try not to say them again or you might risk becoming a toxin in the office.

1. Manager: Can you give your heart to the company?

Employees thoughts: Can the company give me more money?

2. Manager: It’s included in the salary!  

Employees thoughts: Is it written in my contract?

3. Manager: The company is your second home!

Employees thoughts: If that’s the case, I want to run away from home!

4. Manager: The company is putting money into your pocket by giving you this opportunity.

Employees thoughts:  More workload, without reward – no thanks!

5. Manager: Don’t work for money!

Employees thoughts: Should I work as a hobby?

6.Manager: You have to put yourself in the company’s shoes.

Employees thoughts: Why doesn’t the company put itself in its employees’ shoes?

7. Manager: When I was young…

Employees thoughts: Boss, don’t look back, look forward!

8. Manager: The company is not doing well!

Employees thoughts: Then close the company!

9. Manager: You should have called me last night to tell me you need to take sick leave today!

Employees thoughts: Would you allow me to be on leave if I did?

10. Manager: Getting things done and achieving excellence are different!

Employees thoughts: A high salary and low salary is different too!

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