Improving purchasing power, creating robust financial planning, and developing strong data security are strong focus areas for Samprita Majumder, Global Benefits – APJ Leader, Dell Technologies.

As a seasoned regional benefits leader, what are some of the challenges that you face as you elevate the total rewards experience?

For the past few years, we have been aggressively elevating our Total Rewards function at Dell Technologies. Like everyone else, many of the challenges are external, such as regulatory and compliance-related, cost of care and accessibility.

But we also recognise there are internal challenges that we need to focus on, including educating our team members on the breadth of rewards available, how to utilise tools and resources, and continually enhancing team member experience to improve their perception of the overall total rewards programme.

Q What are some of your key considerations when conceptualising the benefits strategy at Dell?

There are multiple considerations we’re putting our energy into at this time. From an operations perspective, improving purchasing power and scale, creating robust financial planning and governance, and developing strong data security and analytics are strong focuses.

Also developing a key strategy around market benchmarking in aggregate and trends. From a people standpoint, conceptualising a benefits strategy to enhance our team member experience in part by driving global wellness capabilities and focusing on our digital transformation.

Q In your view, what are some of the skills rewards professionals need to keep up with trends?

There are multiple roles that a person must play in our Center of Excellence, which can be classified as influencer, analyser, adapter, partner, owner and architect. The skills we look for in a total rewards professional would be that they are data-driven, analytical, hyper-attentive to detail, and have strong communication abilities at all levels.

Q How would organisations benefit from a robust total rewards strategy?

A robust total rewards strategy is the foundation for an organisation to attract, motivate and retain the talent appropriate for their needs. In our case, this is an essential part of our overall business strategy. It is also our intent that it should help generate a high employee net promoter score (eNPS) and make the organisation an employer of choice.

Q What are you most excited about sharing at #TotalRewardsAsia 2020?

I look forward to talking about Dell’s cutting-edge digital transformation story, areas where we lead the market in total rewards, and about our big picture thinking.

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