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‘Small potato’ dismayed by boss moving into his luxury estate

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For most workers, the boss is to be avoided at all costs except in a professional setting. But what happens when the boss becomes your neighbour?

As shared in a recent post on Hong Kong Discussion Group, a worker wrote he was stunned after he found out the new owner of the flat next to him was his boss.

While some respondents of the post think there is nothing to worry about living next to the boss, the worker was worried the boss may be unhappy being his neighbour because he is a “small potato”.

For snobbish Hongkongers, where the writer of the post lived was their biggest concern. One reader suggested there would be no hard feelings from the boss if both of them lived in a public housing estate. But if the boss found out his or her subordinate was living in the same luxury apartment, he or she may have hard feelings.

Another reader of the post said: “Are you living in a bigger flat than your boss? If that is the case, you are in deep trouble.”

The writer of the post revealed he lives at The Harbourside, a luxury housing estate near West Kowloon harbour front. He added he could never have been able to afford the place without the help of his wealthy father.

Some optimist suggested living next door to the boss is a great way to get ahead. Previous studies have revealed bosses trust staff who eat the same dishes as them more. Along the same lines, the writer of the post might have a rosy career ahead, since he shared the same taste for property with the boss.

On the negative side, the cons of living next to the boss include: very difficult to pull a sickie with the boss living next door; and can no longer use living far away as an excuse for not doing overtime.

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