While people in Asia Pacific were generally optimistic towards their overall well-being (62.1), those in Singapore (58.6), Hong Kong (58.6), and Malaysia (54.9) lagged behind.

According to the latest Mastercard Well-Being Index, those in emerging markets (65.5) showed higher resilience and satisfaction than others in developed markets (56.7).

Leading the region with an overall well-being index score of 75.0 is India, followed by Philippines (73.0) at second place and Indonesia (71.4) in third.

On the flip side, owing to deep entrenchment in a culture of overtime and high levels of work-related stress, APAC's developed economies have struggled to advance out of neutral territory with Japan (50.4) and Korea (52.1) ranked the lowest for overall well-being.

Mastercard well-being survey (overall score)


Surveying 9,123 people across Asia Pacific, the Mastercard Well-Being Index covered four key components: work and finances, safety from threats, personal and work satisfaction, and personal well-being.

Looking at the different components, Singapore was found to lag behind in almost all aspects, except safety from threats.

When it comes to well-being in work and finances, Singapore was ranked 16 with a score of 52.7. Neighboring Malaysia didn't do much better, ranked 17 with a score of 51.9. While Hong Kong was ranked 10 with a score of 61.3.

The most optimistic country in this aspect was Vietnam (81.5), while the least optimistic was Sri Lanka with a score of 50.3.

Mastercard well-being survey (work and finances)


Across the board, out of the four components, people in Asia Pacific were most concerned about their safety from threats (57.6), with those in Myanmar (43.5), Bangladesh (46.6) and Japan (46.9) having felt the most vulnerable. This apprehension was caused mainly by fear of cybercrimes (54.0) and financial crimes (55.0).

On the other hand, people in emerging markets, led by India (78.7), Philippines (64.5) and Indonesia (64.3) are the least concerned about their overall safety.

Singapore was ranked 4 with a score of 64.2, while Hong Kong (57.9) and Malaysia (48.5) lagged behind.

Mastercard well-being survey (safety from threats)

Mastercard well-being survey (satisfaction)

Mastercard well-being survey (personal well-being)


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