Employers in Singapore should be proud – the country has proved to be a world-leader when it comes to taking care of its employees.

Singapore came in third place on the World Economic Forum’s (WEF) Human Capital Report, which measures how well nations treat and nurture their workers, with a score of 1.232.

Singapore is also the only Asian city in the top 10, and can credit its high ranking to the country’s strong scores in the education (third place globally), workforce and employment (second place globally) and enabling environment (fifth place globally) pillars of the survey.

The last pillar WEF took into consideration when ranking the nations was health, in which Singapore came in 13th globally.

This is the first time WEF has conducted such a survey, and collated responses from 122 countries.

“The Index seeks to serve as a tool for capturing the complexity of workforce dynamics so that various stakeholders are able to take better–informed decisions,” the report said.

“Because human capital is critical not only to the productivity of society but also to the functioning of its political, social and civil institutions, understanding its current capacity is valuable to a wide variety of stakeholders.”

Globally, Switzerland came in first place with an overall score of 1.455, followed by Finland with 1.406. Rounding up the top five were the Netherlands (1.161) and Sweden (1.111).

Within Asia Pacific, Singapore was of course in first place, followed by New Zealand (0.978, 12th place globally) and Japan (0.948, 15th place globally).