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Seven reasons for HR professionals to toss/keep a resume

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Glassdoor recently posted an article on resume content “red flags” and what you need to look for when deciding if an employee is a good fit for your company.

1. Various embellished skills without elaboration
Candidates whose resumes look like they possess every skill you mentioned in the job post are either overachievers or con artists, most likely the latter.

2. No outline of the key responsibilities from their former jobs
How applicants present their daily work in a nutshell reflects their capabilities and personalities. An absence of outlines screams lack of effort.

3. Ambiguous job titles
When a call centre receptionist can be fabricated as a customer service manager; over embellished titles that don’t match their work experience are cautionary.

4. Irrelevant key words, skills or experience
With thousands of applications flooding in, resumes that include jobs from another industry three years ago or personal experience scream generic and lazy.

1. Links to personal domains, online portfolio, Twitter handle, LinkedIn profile
Technology and social media are on every industry’s radar. Showing their online presence can be a major competitive edge.

2. Include key words that are relevant to the job opening
Resumes that include points you mentioned in the job post reflect the applicants have read through the job responsibilities and requirements instead of manually applying for every job they see.

3. You grasp a general idea for the reason of their application
If you can’t really understand the motivation or logic of their application through the resume, you probably won’t understand them during the interview.

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