Chief minister Shafie Apdal commented that the number of government-linked companies (GLCs) in Sabah must be reduced to avoid wastage and overlapping of work, Free Malaysia Today reports.

He said: “I find there are many GLCs, if there are overlaps and the need to trim an agency, we will do so. For example, if GLCs have too many subsidiaries, we will merge them. What matters to us is coordination in terms of services."

Adpal spoke to reporters yesterday after addressing about 1,000 state and federal employees at a joint assembly for the first time since he took office last month.

He added that it is important to streamline the existing state services with those provided by the federal government in Sabah. Additionally, he said the administration at district or council levels must also change.

“We need to restructure the system, not only to ensure we are getting the right people in the right places but also to improve the delivery system. (Futhermore), we must prioritise the feelings of those at the grassroots who supported us … who shouldn’t be forgotten just because we are now in power."

Meanwhile, in his speech, state secretary Sukarti Wakiman said there were 133,568 public servants in Sabah, comprising 21,213 state and 112,355 federal employees.

Wakiman noted: “From this figure, the government is still the biggest employer and the preferred employer for people seeking jobs."

He mentions how the civil service must move as a team with the government and avoid actions that could be seen as going against the aspirations of the government.

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