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[Photos] Talk of the town: How TIYA's new global HQ is facilitating more social interaction among employees

[Photos] Talk of the town: How TIYA's new global HQ is facilitating more social interaction among employees

Located in Singapore, this space was designed around the company culture of mutual respect, collaboration, and creativity, Kirby Zhang, Senior Vice President, TIYA, shares.

Having recently expanded into Singapore, audio social networking app TIYA’s newly established global HQ has a sustainable concept at its heart. The 10,000sq ft hub was designed by a design studio that prioritised functionality and environmentally-friendly strategies in their design.

Blending together simplicity with modern sensibility, the design utilises elements of nature — vegetation and timber, to boost moods in a serene setting. The space embraces a biophilic design to increase employees’ productivity and sense of wellness.


With a more global focus on embracing hybrid systems of working as the endemic settles in, the group understood that it was also vital for the space to encourage social interaction. The office was thus designed keeping in mind the company culture of mutual respect, collaboration, and creativity for the team to be engaged professionally while also being able to forge positive relationships with one another.

Following a very exciting expansion into Singapore, TIYA is currently on the lookout for talent across departments.

Kirby Zhang, Senior Vice President for TIYA, warmly shares: “Our vision has always been rooted in innovation and the quantity of talent is secondary to the quality of talent.”

At a macro level, it aims to recruit people for big data, human resources, user research, administrative, and global operational roles. The company also has a graduate employment programme that accepts applications for the data engineer, data scientist, and HR executive roles. As such, TIYA looks forward to meeting a great pool of talent in Singapore as its family grows.

Ultimately, the group is looking for team players whose vision and innovation will support its technology platform and product development plans, Kirby says.

tiya meeting room

According to Zhang, the headquarters has an activity-based working office layout where employees can choose from a variety of different types of spaces, depending on the type of task they have. TIYA would like to share the value of breaking the traditional working mode and believes this layout will empower employees, and will be more conductive for creativity and collaboration.

With the increasing popularity of flexible and co-working spaces in mind, Zhang is confident that employees will enjoy TIYA’s global headquarters, with more social space and more spaces to interact. Overall, TIYA is fostering an environment that empowers the employees with the right space to work, think and collaborate naturally.

Zhang proudly expresses: "We believe that we are setting a new standard with our new global headquarters by having different environments within to maximise employee wellbeing."

tiya pantry 2

Over the last two years, the concept of a “traditional office workspace” has evolved. As the world shifts into a post-pandemic reality, the traditional office space has slowly shifted to a workspace designed around more social interaction and online collaboration.

Moving forward, Zhang foresees digital technology playing a bigger role in making TIYA’s work environment flexible enough to allow different spaces to be used for different purposes according to employee needs — whether that involves work or personal wellbeing. Keeping this in mind, TIYA’s workplace has incorporated interactive digital features that facilitate people who prefer working remotely. These include the use of smart touch screens and video systems to replicate in-person interaction.

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