Speaking at MOM's National Day Observance Ceremony 2019 on 8 August, Singapore's Minister for Manpower, Josephine Teo, stressed on service delivery in the public sector being important to support effective policy deployment.

Noting that MOM (and its statutory boards, CPF Board, Workforce Singapore and Singapore Labour Foundation) are among the busiest public sector agencies in Singapore, she cited that MOM alone sees more than 28mn website visits and 16mn e-services transactions annually (on top of the more than 1 million calls and emails every year).

"Regardless of the high volume, our officers put their best foot forward daily," she affirmed.

In implementing Singapore's strategies for jobs and skills well, she also spoke about the tripartite movement. "Both the labour movement and employers are forward-looking and solution-oriented. Importantly, they choose to work with the Government. This means we can align our efforts and focus on the future," she explained.

"This is where Singapore’s unique brand of tripartism stands us in good stead and remains our competitive advantage. It is our Singapore way of doing things – where each one of us plays our part, and work together to turn every challenge into opportunity."

In conjunction with National Day, MOM also unveiled a bicentennial Lego mural to commemorate the nation's bicentennial, pieced together by sStaff from MOM, Central Provident Fund Board (CPFB), Workforce Singapore (WSG), together with the Tripartite Alliance Limited (TAL).

Minister Teo completed the final pieces of the Bicentennial Lego mural as a symbolic gesture to underscore the importance of tripartism over the years in the development of Singapore.

In total, 160 pieces of Lego baseplates formed the mural that was unveiled at the event.

Photo / StockUnlimited