Oakwood Studios Singapore, the world’s first Oakwood Studios, has embarked on its latest initiative catering to expatriates in Singapore, named Day & Night Curation. In an endeavour to create a more immersive stay for guests, this will take the form of day and night versions of three elements - curators’ uniforms, signature scents and music in the common areas.

"It is intended to stimulate guests’ senses in three main areas: sight, smell and hearing. This ensures that guests feel familiar yet fresh at the same time, every time they step into the property," said Oakwood Studies Singapore, in a statement. "This is in line with the cheeky tagline 'kiss goodbye to the expected' and signature lip motif."

Oakwood Studios Singapore - Pool (Artistic)


Here's how Oakwood Studios Singapore takes the property from day to night.

Day elements of curation

In the day, front desk staff, known as curators, don a black suit, with a pair of lip-motif cufflinks for the men, or a lip-motif buckle belt for the ladies. As for the scents, day-time sees refreshing notes of peach, jasmine and cedar, complemented by a light note of musk and moss.

The mood is set in the morning with ‘good vibes only’ music which can be heard in all the common spaces. In the afternoon, the playlist will gradually change to lounge music which helps guests re-energise for the evening.

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Night elements of curation

In the evening, the male curators add a black bowtie to their attire, while female curators change into a black dress paired with red heels, the signature colour of Oakwood Studios Singapore. As night falls, male curators will unbutton their collar, and sport a lip mark on their collar.

The citrus scent in the day is replaced with notes of wild lavender, which helps to create a relaxed atmosphere. Music, on the other hand, is switched up with upbeat party music. At night, this is replaced by mellow lounge music.

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