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Never say these things to the boss

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When judging an employee, bosses do not only look at performance. How an employee carries himself or herself and interacts with others are also important aspects they will look at, especially when trying to promote someone to be a leader.

Saying the right things is the first step in winning over the boss. This post on Cosmopolitan shared a list of things to never say to the boss, if you want to get ahead.

“This is none of my business”
There is nothing wrong with saying no to the boss, especially when you think you won’t be able to achieve what they want from you. However, no boss would like to hear his or her employee say “This is none of my business” or “That’s not in my job description”.

As far as the boss is concerned, every employee should be involved in any work related matter. The more appropriate response when being approached by the boss with a question you don’t have an immediate answer to is “Let me find out more first”.

By saying this, you are giving the boss the impression that you are on the case, not shying away from it.

“I did not make the mistake”
When the boss finds out there has been a mistake in your work, it is never wise to try convince him or her otherwise. Of course, you can defend yourself by explaining to the boss what went wrong, but at least take responsibility.

Not admitting mistakes would make the boss think you are childish and incompetent.

“I have tried my best”
Lawmaker Chan Hak Kan’s famous quote “Try our breast (best)” will forever be remembered. In the business world, employees often say “I have tried my best” when challenged by the boss for under-performing.  However it is not a smart thing to say, since it gives the boss the impression that you are just trying to do the bare minimum.

“I have done overtime for many nights”
If you think the boss is going to appreciate the hard work you have put in by saying this, think again. The boss hires someone to get things done on time. Complaining about the overwhelming workload and the long working hours will only make the boss think you are incompetent.

“I can’t stand …”
No boss appreciates office conflicts. By complaining to the boss about someone else, you only make the boss label you as a troublemaker. Bosses don’t care whether you can’t stand somebody, they just want you to produce the result they want. People who get the boss involved in personal conflicts are doomed to fail.

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