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Multiple regions in mainland China raise minimum wages

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China’s Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security has recently announced minimum wage updates in 32 provinces. Shanghai currently has the highest minimum monthly wage at 2840 yuan (US$396) per month, and China’s capital, Beijing, has the highest minimum hourly wage (24 yuan per hour).

There are seven cities in the provinces where their minimum monthly wages have exceeded more than 2000 yuan. The city with the second highest monthly wage is Shenzhen, followed by Beijing (2,200 yuan), Guangdong province (2,100 yuan), Tianjin (2050 yuan), Jiangsu (2,020 yuan), and Zhejiang (2,010 yuan).

The majority of the above cities  —Shanghai (22 yuan) , Tianjin (20.8 yuan), Guangdong province (20.3 yuan) and Shenzhen  (20.3 yuan) are seeing increases in the minimum hourly wage as well.

By contrast, the minimum hourly wage is by far the lowest among these three provinces: Hunan (11.6 yuan), Heilongjiang (12 yuan) and Yunnan (13 yuan).

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