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Moving in the right direction at LF Logistics

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LF Logistics is one of the core businesses under Li & Fung – one of the world’s leading supply chain solutions partners for brands and retailers. LF Logistics offers both in-country logistics services across Asia and freight management services globally. Headquartered in Hong Kong, the company has a global workforce of more than 10,000 employees in 17 countries.

At the recent HR Distinction Awards, LF Logistics took home a swathe of awards, including gold for Excellence in HR Strategic Planning and HR Rising Team of the Year; silver for Excellence in Learning & Development and Excellence in HR Digitalisation; and an exclusive distinction award for HR Innovative Team of the Year.

Key initiatives in HR strategic planning, learning and development and HR digitalisation

LF Logistics has achieved double-digit growth in revenue in recent years through organic growth, new business opportunities and geographical expansion.

Its RISEUP strategy supports LF Logistics’ three-year plan (2017-2019) that has led the company on a path towards success.

Of all the winning strategies behind LF Logistics’ success, ‘people first’ is one of the fundamental components that sets it apart from its competitors, giving it a razor-sharp focus on its people, the greatest asset of the company.

Its HR team has gone the extra mile and developed some uniquely innovative initiatives to support the people first strategy, which can be summarised as CERT: Culture & values, engagement, retention and talent.

Achievements of the global learning and organisational development (L&OD) team

Since 2015, LF Logistics has been conducting its Global Management Trainee (GMT) programme and it now has over 120 GMTs working in nine countries. A total of 18 months in duration, it has been a crucial factor in the success of its logistics business. From 2018, the global L&OD team adopted a pioneering approach to execute the programme from recruitment to onboarding. LF Logistics has launched an in-house built GMT onboarding app named Galactic Trek to engage its young talent through a gamified approach.

“The philosophy behind this is to create a fun and engaging onboarding experience,” said Annie Suen, VP – L&OD, at LF Logistics

“It incorporates its own in-app social community network that allows our GMTs to connect with the previous batches of GMTs and our senior management team to build relationships and build ideas. Engaging features such as a discovery tour and fuel station (which focuses on company resources) help guide our GMTs on an 18-month journey of exploration.”

With the rapid expansion of LF Logistics over the years, Eva Wong, SVP – Human Resources at LF Logistics, established the global L&OD team in 2016 to address the growing need for people development – with Annie as the leader of this important function, supported by Ella Cheung.

Strikingly different from the stereotypical L&OD leader, Annie’s vision for the global L&OD team is to expand beyond the usual boundaries by partnering with business leaders to create compelling competitive advantages for the company on a global scope. To further enhance this mission’s impact, Lily Yeung and Peter Wong joined in 2017 and 2019 respectively, adding their expertise and fresh perspectives.

The secret to putting together a successful HR team that won this year’s HR Rising Team/Innovative Team of the Year Award gold awards

“I am very proud of the team and it is our great honour to receive these two grand awards. This would not be achieved without having a strong team spirit in which we share common values and have a very close relationship with each other. The global L&OD team is fully empowered to develop new innovative ideas to unleash the potential of our people. This is one of the key enablers for the growth of our business,” Eva Wong said.

Using HR innovation to achieve a successful outcome in the workplace

LF Logistics received a number of HR Innovation/Distinction awards between 2016 and 2019 – 12 awards in total. The Lean campaign was an excellent example of how its HR team brought in innovative solutions to achieve a successful outcome in the workplace.

The Lean concept was essentially about achieving productivity excellence. However, bringing together the minds of 10,000-plus employees from all levels of the company to learn the Lean concept, and eventually applying it, was a long and challenging process. The global L&OD team overcame this with an innovative approach embracing digitalisation and practicality. This led to the creation of another in-house built app named The Lean Game.

“This digital mobile game equips our employees with an understanding of the ‘8 wastes’ concept. The app provides an innovative and engaging opportunity to help the entire LF Logistics team understand the significance of the benefits of eliminating waste in the workplace through gamification – while undertaking process improvements to boost productivity,” said Patrick Grzywa, VP of operations at LF Logistics.

In conclusion, the global HR/L&OD team at LF Logistics has been bringing successful outcomes not only to the workplace, but also in achieving the business goals of its three-year-plan with the key initiatives outlined here.

HR Masterclass Series: High-level HR strategy training workshops
with topics ranging from Analytics, to HR Business Partnering, Coaching, Leadership, Agile Talent and more.
Review the 2020 masterclasses here »

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