More than 35,000 employees at Manulife (known primarily as John Hancock in the United States) will be getting a "Thank You Day" off on Friday, 19 June. The company announced in a press release yesterday that this is to show appreciation of employees' hard work in serving customers and helping people make decisions.

Each employee will also get an additional five personal days next year, as the company looks to support wellbeing by encouraging regular time off. This will provide employees with the opportunity to take vacations that are meaningful to them - something they may not have been able to do in the current environment. 

Along with the above, Manulife and John Hancock have taken a range of actions to support the well-being of employees and their families in response to the challenges faced during the pandemic. The company is offering flexible work arrangements, supplemental paid time-off and additional virtual mental health resources. 

Manulife Global CEO Roy Gori, said: "I am so proud and grateful for the commitment our people have shown – it’s taken energy and incredible stamina. While many communities begin the process of reopening, it’s safe to assume that things won’t be returning to what we thought was ‘normal’ for some time. So, we will all need to continue to take care of ourselves and practise healthy habits, which include unplugging and taking time to unwind. We’ll be getting that done together, as a global team, on Friday, June 19th this year.”

Showing solidarity: Manulife Singapore's COVID-19 relief efforts

Apart from the above, in an act of solidarity with the Singapore government and those affected by the pandemic, Manulife Singapore has enhanced its protection coverage for all customers via a COVID-19 Customer Support Package. 

The package includes the following benefits: 

S$1mn COVID-19 support fund

Effective 17 February 2020 to an extended date of 1 September 2020, Manulife Singapore will provide the following protection coverage: 

  • Diagnosis benefit(s)
    Customers diagnosed with COVID-19 in Singapore will receive a one-time immediate cash benefit of S$1,500. If the policyholder with a confirmed diagnosis of COVID-19 is hospitalised for 5 days or more, an additional cash benefit of S$2,000 will be paid out.
  • Additional death benefit
    In the unfortunate event that death occurs as a result of OVID-19, an additional lump sum of S$30,000 will be paid out on top of the death benefit from the customer's existing policy.

Extended grace period for premium payment

To further ease the financial pressures of policyholders affected by the pandemic while ensuring that their health and protection needs continue to be supported, Manulife Singapore has extended a grace period of up to 6 months for premium payments, from between 1 April to 30 September 2020.

Donation to courage fund

As a commitment to championing vulnerable groups amid the COVID-19 outbreak, Manulife has donated S$100,000 to The Courage Fund.

Globally, Manulife has contributed C$25mn in response to COVID-19. The funds were channelled to several critical fronts, including relief for its customers, support for employees and aid for communities.