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Minister Lim Swee Say on auto-inclusion for Adapt and Grow Schemes

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Firms who require assistance via the Adapt & Grow schemes such as the career support programmes would still have to submit applications.

In a written response to a parliamentary question by Member of Parliament (MP) Patrick Tay Teck Guan on the consideration of auto-inclusion, auto-application and auto-funding for the Adapt & Grow schemes; Minister for Manpower Lim Swee Say hinted that the government is unlikely to consider auto-inclusion, auto-application or auto-funding approaches for such schemes.

Minister Lim explained that a vast majority of jobseekers and employers are able to find suitable matches on their own through recruitment agencies, job advertisements, job portals or their own networks. While Adapt and Grow schemes, such as the Professional Conversion Programme and the Career Support Programme, are intended to provide targeted help for jobseekers who need additional assistance to overcome skills requirements or wage expectation mismatches.

He added that these schemes provide substantial training and temporary wage support to help jobseekers (especially mature and/or long term unemployed) and their prospective employers to bridge gaps in skills or wage expectations, so that they can better secure job matches.

In line with that, he pointed out: “Auto-inclusion, auto-application or auto-funding approaches would not only require significantly more public funding, but also weaken our efforts in targeting support at those who truly need the extra assistance.”

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