The Malaysia Digital Economic Corporation (MDEC) has urged the government to prioritise upskilling in digital technology, in efforts to embrace IR 4.0, Bernama reported.

Speaking to Bernama, Sumitra Nair, MDEC's Talent and Digital Entrepreneurship Vice-President, suggested allocating more funds to upskilling the existing workforce in the upcoming Budget 2020.

One of the factors cited was the change in jobs brought about by technology, which means people need to be "continuously reskilled."

She also cited a prediction by the World Economic Forum that 65% of people today would work in jobs that currently do not exist, of which a majority would require digital skills.

With this in mind, Nair highlighted the need for people to embrace a shift in mindset, an important step to understanding the era of digital transformation.

"Many of us who have graduated from university or have a job think that this is sufficient. We have a job today and think that is going to last forever and we do not bother to upskill."

As a result, she shared, even if there are incentives given out, there may not be people suitable for a particular job, and thus the mindset would need to be created to "spur lifelong learning."

Photo / 123RF