Over the weekend, founder of radio station BFM89.9, Malek Ali, issued a statement regarding allegations of sexual harassment at the workplace.

In the statement, he noted: "We are committed to providing a safe environment in which all members of our community can work without fear and threat of sexual harassment.

"We take all allegations of sexual harassment and misconduct seriously. Internal investigations are initiated whenever an allegation is made. Our practice has been to offer employees discretion and fairness, and we take action when we learn of unacceptable behaviour."

Malek added that the radio station's reporting mechanisms are being reviewed to ensure continued access to safe channels for these serious matters to be escalated and dealt with.

View the full statement here:

Statement on allegation of Sexual Harassment - BFM89.9 pic.twitter.com/zaaa9URk00

— BFM89.9 (@BFMradio) December 1, 2018

According to The Star, an anonymous email was sent to The Star and other news outlets detailing a number of alleged sexual harassment incidents at BFM89.9.

According to The Star, the allegations were made against more than one individual. It was further claimed by the writer that the allegations had previously been brought to the company's attention, but no action was taken.

Here's the statement by BFM89.9 again in Malay:

Kenyataan Berhubung Dakwaan Gangguan Sexual -- BFM89.9 pic.twitter.com/q6w2ocxkKX

— BFM89.9 (@BFMradio) December 1, 2018