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Malaysia had 519,800 unemployed people in May 2019: DOSM

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Malaysia’s seasonally-adjusted unemployment rate in May this year (3.3%) saw a slight dip from April (3.4%), the Department of Statistics’ (DOSM) Key Statistics of Labour Force for the month revealed.

In total, there were 519,800 unemployed people who were accounted for, a 0.7% decrease as compared to the previous month.

Apart from the above, the country’s labour force participation rate remained at 68.5% (since February), representing 15.12mn employed persons and a labour force of 15.64mn (May 2018: 15.36mn).

That said, when compared year-on-year, a 0.1 percentage point(pp) increase in labour force participation rate was observed from May 2018 (68.4%).


Photo / 123RF
Infographic / Department of Statistics

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