A majority of the 512 employees interviewed in Singapore (61%) believe that their organisation is providing 'quite adequate' to 'very adequate' support during this period of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak.

However, there is a significant number (34%) who believe their organisational support is just 'fair', a sentiment echoed by the majority of the 525 respondents in Hong Kong (42%), with 5% even rating it 'inadequate'. This is per new research by CSG-Ruder Finn.

The difference?in?perceived support from?employers?is striking, with significantly more?Singaporean?employees?being satisfied with?employers? support compared to those?in?Hong Kong.

There were also?slight differences?in?perception between younger and mature?employees?towards?their?employers? level of support. While 63% of mature?employees?(aged?50 years old or above)?in?Singapore?felt?adequately?supported?by?their?employers, only?58% of younger?employees?(between ages 18 and 29) felt the same way.

Nevertheless, across all age groups, more?employees?in?Singapore?perceived?their?employers? support positively;?in?Hong Kong, only 42% of younger?employees?and?36% of mature employees felt adequately supported by?their?employers.

Simon Tye, Executive Director of CSG said: "It is a challenging time for all,?in?light of this epidemic, and support from?employers?will contribute towards strengthening?employees? psychological resilience.? We must work together to support each other, stay flexible and provide accurate?information to give people the confidence to move forward."


In?both cities,?employers?provided support via a variety of measures.?In?Singapore, the majority of?employees?felt?adequately?supported?by?their?employers?due to:

  • The provision of hand sanitiser (63%)
  • The provision of health and hygiene guidelines (57%)
  • Increased hygiene standards?in?the workplace (53%)
  • Clear communication surrounding business continuity plans (52%).
In?Hong Kong, more than half perceived adequate support from?their?employers?due to the provision of face masks (57%), flexible working hours (54%) and the flexibility of being able to work from home (51%).

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Overall, respondents in both Singapore and Hong Kong expressed optimism that the worst of COVID-19 will be over by the end of Q2 - with 71% and 72% respectively anticipating the end of the outbreak in varying amounts by the end of April, May and June.

Just over one in four from each territory (28% and 27%) respectively, however disagreed, and believe that the outbreak will see it's end only in the second half of this year.


Images / CSG-Ruder Finn