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Macau Golden Group rewards employees for stepping up during typhoon

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Employees at Macau Golden Group are being offered cash rewards and plane tickets worth MOP$10,000 (HK$9,709) as well as four extra days of paid leave, according to a memo shared on Facebook.

According to the memo which was issued on 31 August with the group CEO’s signature at the bottom, management is very pleased with employees upholding their roles when the city was hit by Typhoon Hato and Typhoon Pakhar. It praised employees for demonstrating excellent team work in safe-guarding the company’s property during the chaos caused by the typhoons.

All employees were offered four extra days of paid leave, two plane tickets to South East Asia worth MOP$6,000, and MOP$4,000 in cash rewards.


Human resources practitioners, please share with us what you think of this reward policy.

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