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Infographic: Sticky notes, healthy snacks on your desk could mean more productivity

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In a new survey, Lucidchart has culled out some hidden factors and less-talked-about traits of the most productive (and unproductive) employees inside and outside of their job, having polled more than 1,000 US-based office workers.

For example, did you know that what you have at your desk at work can be a big deal? And at home, the shows you watch could be a factor affecting your and your team’s productivity.

Let’s have a look at the interesting findings:

  • The most productive people are more likely to have sticky notes, photos of their children and healthy snacks at their desk
  • The least productive people are more likely to skip the gym and focus on the latest dietary trends.
  • The most productive people are more likely to take more vacation, work from home more, and take notes by hand.
  • Factors like a slow computer (50%), noisy colleagues (38%), meetings (30%), hunger (20%), and social media distractions (15%) are consistently keeping workers from being productive.
  • The most productive people are more likely to watch “NCIS,” while less productive people are more likely to watch “Game of Thrones”.

For the purpose of this survey, Lucidchart characterised productivity on the basis of output of three personas: the Go-Getter, the Doer, and the Coaster.

The Go-Getters had the highest productivity, while the Coasters had the lowest; Doers fit in between the more polarised personas with average productivity.


Snippets about each persona, and how that impacts their productivity follow below:

Sticky notes may be the answer

While elements such as having photos of your children and healthy snacks at your desk seem to drive productivity, you may want to keep the toys and junk food at home.

  • Keep sticky notes at their desks: 78% of Go-Getters vs. 67% of Coasters. Notably more women (82%) have sticky notes at their desk than men (69%).
  • Keep healthy snacks at their desks: 26% of Go-Getters vs. 18% of Coasters. On the flip side, Coasters (17%) favor junk food compared to Go-Getters (12%).
  • Keep photos of children at their desks: 33% of Go-Getters vs. 24% of Coasters
  • Keep toys at their desk: 8% of Go-Getters and Doers vs. 14% of Coasters. Men (12%) are more likely to keep toys on their desks than women (7%).
  • Keep loose papers at their desks: 58% of Go-Getters vs. 62% of Doers and 63% of Coasters

Don’t forget to exercise

Go-Getters (47%) are more likely to work out at least three times a week and are the least likely to hit the snooze button (50% say they don’t hit the snooze button, compared to 44% of Doers and 33% of Coasters). Coasters, on the other hand, are more likely to snooze through their workout with only 38% exercising more than three times a week.

The most popular times for Go-Getters to exercise?

  • 37% – Early evening (5:00 to 7:00 pm)
  • 19% – Early morning (before 8:00 am)
  • 16% – Late evening (7:00 pm or later)

And while you may turn to soda for a quick mid-day jolt, it’s worth knowing that the least productive people are more likely to drink more caffeine, with 18% of Coasters drinking the equivalent of at least three 350-ml caffeinated sodas a day compared to 13% of Go-Getters/Doers.

All graphics / Lucidchart

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