Every now and then, we all say things we don't mean. Or at least things we shouldn't have said out loud. It's bound to happen since we're only human, but unfortunately, the things we say have consequences.

This is especially true when it comes to the workplace, where the words you use can impact the way you are seen as a colleague, team leader, or boss. The way you're perceived, in turn, will impact not only how colleagues behave toward you, but in the long run also your career progress.

With the office environment being a strange mix of old, new, and many different types of colleagues, the team at Headway Capital understands it can be hard to always say the right thing.

"It’s easy to put your foot in your mouth when you’re working alongside a variety of hard-working people in a stressful environment," the company states on their website.

To help you out, they created an infographic detailing 12 things you should never say at work. To make things even easier, it includes the reasons why as well as alternatives for each faux pas. Keeping these in mind, you'll be communicating like a pro before you know it.

Headway Capital infographic, hr

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Lead image / iStock; Infographic / Headway Capital