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Industries most likely to engage in bad behaviour at the office Christmas party

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With the festive season approaching and a majority of companies hosting annual holiday parties, the potential to embarrass yourself is high.

According to a new survey by Four Loko, 18% of respondents have been embarrassed to go to work the day after the party, 9% have been reprimanded for their behaviour, and 7% have admitted getting into trouble with the law during or after the party.

Bosses aren’t spared either, with 36% of employees having seen their boss doing something embarrassing during the office get together.

Further, 26% of people have done something they regret at a company party, with the top regrets being hooking up with a co-worker, saying something rude, and participating in office gossip.

Interestingly the top regret is more common than expected, with 41% of respondents having a co-worker who has hooked up at the company party.

The survey also identified the industries most likely to engage in bad behaviour at the office Christmas party:

  • Those in the HR industry are most likely to hook up with a coworker.
  • The most likely to say something rude are those in the insurance industry.
  • People from the science industry are most likely to gossip.
  • Legal industry folks are most likely to get loud.
  • Those most likely to bring a bad plus-one are from the real estate industry.
  • IT industry folks have the most embarrassing dance moves.
  • People in the construction industry are most likely to flirt.
  • Those most likely to hook up with a stranger in front of coworkers come from the government.

Scroll through the infographic for the full results.

Infographic / Four Loko
Lead  photo / 123RF

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