Indonesia's Ministry of Manpower, led by Minister Ida Fauziyah, has issued a special circular calling on Indonesian migrant workers (pekerja migran Indonesia, or PMI), especially in China to remain vigilant regarding the spread of the Wuhan coronavirus.

The Ministry has also issued a circular addressed to the Head of the Provincial Manpower Office (Disnaker) and employers in the nation regarding precuations to be taken.

"I advise that Indonesian friends/PMI overseas remain calm and cautious, and continue to be alert to the dangers of the spread of the coronavirus spread. We also ask for the same thing of the workers in the country, " said Minister Ida in the press release.

She added, that since the outbreak was announced, the government has also instructed the respective labour attache in the various countries to immediately act and coordinate through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Indonesian Embassy / Consulate General in order to minimise the possibility of Indonesian PMIs contracting the Wuhan virus.

As such, she has instructed the Directorate General of Manpower Supervision and Occupational Health and Safety Supervision (abbreviated Ditjen Binwasnaker & K3) to issue the special circular.

Excerpts from the circular letter by Acting Director General of Ditjen Binwasnaker & K3, Iswandi Hari, which was addressed to company leaders throughout Indonesia are given below:

  • Employers are encouraged to carry out efforts to prevent the coronavirus, by disseminating information to the respective ranks and related parties within the company.
  • ADG Iswandi has also asked for data collection and reporting to be done immediately to the relevant agencies for each case or suspected case of Wuhan virus.
  • All regulations around maintaining occupational safety and health must be followed, and preventative measures are urged to be taken as much as possible.
 Full circular shared below:

Lead image / Ministry of Manpower of the Republic of Indonesia