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HSBC and Bank of East Asia offer generous red packets to employees

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As part of the Lunar New Year tradition, two banking giants, the Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking Corporation (HSBC) and Bank of East Asia issued red packets to their employees.


On the eve of Lunar New Year, HSBC announced via internal email that each employee would receive an electronic red packet of HK$500 the next day. Department heads were still welcome to offer red packets to employees on the first work day after the bank holiday as a good luck charm, despite the company’s move.

About 20,000 employees, including full-time and contract staff, benefited from the gesture.

An HSBC representative stated the bank made use of the occasion and expressed its gratitude to colleagues’ hard work over the preceding year.

Bank of East Asia

In the light of the bank’s 100th anniversary, Bank of East Asia deposited HK$3,888 in every employee’s bank account on Lunar New Year to bring forward the tradition of offering red packets on the first work day after the Lunar New Year holiday.

The number “eight” is perceived as a blessing for prosperity. About 4,000 full-time and contract employees in Hong Kong were eligible for the red packets.

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