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HRO Hotspot: What is immersive learning and how to make it work for APAC learners
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HRO Hotspot: What is immersive learning and how to make it work for APAC learners


Ways to broaden the impact of technology to support your workforce by bridging the physical and digital worlds, in this video interview.

Metaverse spaces have entered our daily lives – thanks to technologies like virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) platforms, machine learning (ML), blockchain, 3D graphics, digital currencies, sensors, and VR-enabled headsets. 

These technologies are already commonly used in some fields, such as medicine, where VR surgical simulators allow surgeons to improve their dexterity and learn new procedures, while patient simulations help train healthcare professionals in diagnosing and treating medical conditions of virtual patients. 

By bridging both the physical and digital worlds, the applications for immersive learning are immense, and progressive employers in Asia Pacific are keenly scouting opportunities to include more metaverse-based learning experiences to transform their workforce.

In this edition of HRO Hotspot, we speak to two prolific interviewees: Drew McGuire, CEO and Co-Owner, Capability Group, joining us from New Zealand; and Kyle Jackson, CEO and Co-founder, Talespin, based in Singapore.

Capability Group, an organisational development consultancy with operations in Singapore, has recently announced a strategic partnership with Talespin, that will bring immersive learning solutions to the APAC region. Expected to support a range of sectors, these have been carefully chosen to deliver measurable skills improvement, knowledge enhancement, mindset transformation, behavioral change, and scalable learning impact.

In this video interview, we find out from the two leaders how to create more impactful learning experiences.

Here’s what you can look forward to in this conversation:

  • The secrets to developing skills – fast and at scale – for CHROs and CLOs – “There are still a lot of people that have this expectation that learning only happens when you've got a guru standing at the front of the room; but you never really get a chance to apply that learning on the job. So, one of the things we need to do, is we need to shift people's expectation of what learning is.”

  • Use cases of how extended reality (XR) and immersive learning experiences have made a business impact, especially when compared to traditional classroom learning – “The use cases that we see most commonly right now are in sales because that's where all those skills hit home and hit hard. There are also a lot in leadership, and many in working across cultures.”

  • Ensuring that immersive learning experiences are inclusive and accessible to all learners, regardless of their background, skills or abilities – “We're all about democratisation, of learning within a corporate environment and therefore every employee, no matter what their role, should have access to the learning that they need at the point in time that they need it.”

Check out the video interview here: 

Find out more about Capability Group.

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