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In this very special video interview, listen in as AstraZeneca's Asia Area Senior Vice President, Jo Feng, tells us why (and how) the company and its leaders embrace fresh, new perspectives; acknowledge the small wins, and more. 

- Inputs by Arina Sofiah

Hello viewers!

Thank you for joining us for HR OnScreen! In this very special edition, HRO catches up with AstraZeneca’s Asia Area Senior Vice President, Jo Feng.

Leading more than 3,000 employees, Jo is responsible for the growth and performance of AstraZeneca’s business in Asia, which includes, Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, the Philippines, and Asia frontier markets.

Whether you’re on the go, or winding down for the day, join us as Jo shares more about:

  • How AstraZeneca rose up to the challenge in the face of the pandemic and delved into the vaccine business.
  • Why AstraZeneca’s leaders (including Jo!) love the organisation's reverse mentoring programme.
  • How Jo’s leap of faith to move to the US global headquarters shaped the leader she is today.

Key takeaways you can look forward to:

  • Fresh, new perspectives: do not be afraid to get your feet on the ground and learn from your juniors. Being authentic and vulnerable in front of your employees grows your image beyond a figurehead.
  • You'll never know if you don’t try: stepping out of your comfort zone and taking risks unlocks opportunities and your potential.
  • Small wins: when introducing a new initiative - if employees don't feel good about it from the very beginning, it will be hard to move on from that. So start light, and take things forward from there, when employees get to see what's in it from there.

For more unmissable insights, check out the video!

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